Hatha Yoga Flow: A moderately paced flow class which combines breathing practices and postures that lead to increased flexibility, strength, and proper alignment. This meditative pace allows for the practitioner to move in a self-paced manner, resulting in a more relaxed and revitalized mind and body.

Vinyasa Yoga: An invigorating practice that will develop core/upper body strength, flexibility and balance. This moderate level class raises the body temperature allowing for increased stretch and a deeper experience with the postures.

Kripalu Yoga: A conscious, gentle and mindful yoga practice using press-point methodology (targeting specific areas of the body) to achieve proper form and alignment. Concentration and inner focus is developed leading to body and breath awareness.

Body Sculpt: An exercise-packed class that is challenging and fun. Using hand weights and mats, this class focuses on the entire body through standing and floor exercises that create a firmer and healthier body, increased bone density, and stronger muscles and connective tissues.

*  Not all styles will be offered at all times. At this time, only Hatha Yoga Flow is being offered.